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If you are looking for top quality food for your dogs and cats, ADVANCE is the diet for you: specifically formulated to cater for all the nutritional needs of your pet’s breed and age, the ADVANCE range provides the most advanced nutrition to strengthen the immune system and attain optimum health for your pets.

ADVANCE is a super-premium brand, recommended and formulated by vets, with an already strong international presence in the specialty channel (ADVANCE is the second most popular brand in the Spanish market and has a growing presence in both France and Italy, along with over 20 European countries including Germany, Russia, Portugal, Latvia, Ukraine, Greece and many more).

A formula developed to promote strong immune system, highly digestible proteins and quality of ingredients

ADVANCE diets benefits from their IMMUNEPLUS formula, enriched with a combination of immunoglobulins and natural polyphenols, which helps improve your pet’s response and ensures optimal health via good nutrition.

ADVANCE diets are formulated around 4 key principles:

  • Reinforced formula IMMUNEPLUS
  •  High digestibility proteins
  •  Product composition – commitment on quality
  •  Wide range adapted to each nutritional need

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ADVANCE has an extensive range of products for both dogs and cats, including a puppy/kitten range, breed range, size range, veterinary diets and snacks.


Complete range of Dog food


The ADVANCE dog range is range of complete diets designed to answer the needs of your dogs, and comprises diets available in different sizes (Mini, Medium and Maxi) and age range (adult and senior) and also exists in light versions. Their range also includes the breed diets below:

ADVANCE Breed diets

A range of diets specifically formulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of your pet’s breed. Six breeds available:

Yorkshire Terrier

German Shepherd

French Bulldog

See the ADVANCE complete range of canine diets available at MedicAnimal here.


Complete range of Cat food


The ADVANCE cat range is range of complete diets designed to answer the needs of your cats and is available for adult cats and sterilized cats.

See the ADVANCE complete range of feline diets available at MedicAnimal here.


Functional Snacks Range


ADVANCE functional snack range offers a healthy tasty biscuit for your pets to snack on, with added benefits in several variants: ADVANCE hypoallergenic treat, ADVANCE articular care stick, ADVANCE dental care stick.


Useful links

Check out Affinty’s ADVANCE website below, where you will find detailed fact sheets for each diets available, including potential benefits and composition of the products, but also useful videos:

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