Brand Guide – Effipro and Indorex

The hot months are approaching, and so are those pesky fleas!

Whether you are working on preventing or dealing with an existing infestation, MedicAnimal has worked in partnership with the makers of Effipro and Indorex to present you with this brand guide, where you will see key facts about fleas and information about the products!

Did you know?

  • Fleas are parasites that feed on blood. There are two main species of flea: the cat flea and the dog flea.
  • The cat flea is far more common than the dog flea. It is able to live and breed on both dogs and cats as well as to bite other small pets and humans.
  • Just one female flea can lay 50 eggs a day.
  • 5% of fleas are seen on your pet and 95% are in the pet’s environment as eggs, larvae and pupae. New fleas develop from the pupae.
  • Pets can pick up fleas from anywhere, such as the garden or park – even indoor-only cats can be affected if another pet or human brings in a flea. And it doesn’t take long for one little flea to become a big problem.
  • Average lifespan of a flea is 30-90 days, however they can remain in pupa stage for many months.
  • The flea is the host for the tapeworm – once the adult flea is ingested by the dog/cat the tapeworm larvae will develop into an adult tapeworm, in the pet’s intestines.



Indorex: Spring is coming – so get serious about flea control!

Indorex is the UK’s no 1 veterinary household insecticide spray¹

What does Indorex do?

  • Kills adult fleas for two months
  • Protects your home from developing flea eggs, larvae and house dust mites for up to 12 months
  • Awarded ‘Best Dog Flea Product (Home) for the seventh time in 2014-2015 and claimed the top spot in the same category of Your Cat Magazine’s Product Awards.

¹ GFK data Jan 2015

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Effipro: Hello Spring – goodbye fleas!

What does Effipro do?

  • Kills adult fleas on your pet quickly
  • Protection for up to eight weeks in dogs and five weeks in cats
  • Unique ‘drop-lock’ pipette means no mess or leaks
  • Effipro won a Feline Advisory Board (ICC) Easy to Give Award in June 2012

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Indorex and Effipro – A complete solution for flea control!

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