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About Royal Canin:

Established by French Veterinary Surgeon Dr Jean Cathary in 1967, the company was the first to manufacture dry pet food in France and has since manufactured and supplied dog and cat food worldwide. The company also undertakes research into the formulation and testing of breed and symptom specific nutritional requirements of dogs and cats.

The ethos of their company is based on “Dr. Cathary’s vision of a pet food company grounded in science; a company based on the principles of acquiring knowledge about pets, maintaining respect for them at all times and, most importantly, creating advanced cat and dog health nutrition made to satisfy the needs of the pet – not the desires of the pet owner.”

A focus on Health Nutrition and its four objectives:

Health nutrition is at the heart of Royal Canin’s research and their work focuses on four objectives:

1. Body development and maintenance
Amino acids, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and fatty acids provide the basic nutritional needs for the development and maintenance of the body.
2. Energy provision
Lipids and carbohydrates are the main energy sources for dogs. Cats are also dependent on proteins for their energy metabolism.
3. Nourishing and prevention
Some nutrients are incorporated (antioxidants, prebiotics, fibre, essential fatty acids, etc), to help assist such risks as kidney disease, digestive problems and the effects of ageing.
4. Nourishing and caring
Certain nutrients are added and others limited in diets to support the therapeutic or convalescence process, which may help cats and dogs recover from various ailments.

Product range:

Royal Canin has a wide range of pet health nutrition products, including the following:

Breed Nutrition:
Royal Canin’s unique understanding of the nutritional requirements of each breed enables them to provide specifically tailor-made nutrition for a wide range of specific breeds of dogs and cats.

See their range of Breed Nutrition diets for dogs here:

See their range of Breed Nutrition diets for cats here:

Size Nutrition:
Because all dogs are different, the Size Health Nutrition range provides nutritional solutions specifically formulated to meet specific sized dogs’ individual needs with precision.
See their range of Size Nutrition diets for dogs here:

Health Nutrition:
Way of life, sensitivities and age are all crucial when it comes to choosing the right nutrition for your cat.
Because nothing is more important than a cat in good physical shape, Royal Canin has developed Feline Health Nutrition, a range of tailor-made products adapted to each cat’s specific needs.
See their range of Health Nutrition diets for cats here:

Useful links:

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