MedicAnimal Employees Volunteer For Wood Green, The Animals Charity

On the 3rd of June, a team of MedicAnimal employees got the opportunity to visit Wood Green, The Animals Charity and volunteer for them for a day.

Our team was tasked with helping build rabbit hutches for the small animals in their care, and help out with planting vegetables which can then be fed to the Wood Green’s pet residents.

Wood Green’s site is nothing short of impressive: spread across a huge terrain in Godmanchester, the site is home to the usual cats and dogs but also chickens, goats, horses, donkeys, and even three alpacas!

We got treated to a tour of the site which showed both the incredible work done by the hundreds of volunteers working for them, but also how funding is capital for them to keep up this site going.

Below are a few images from the day, make sure sure to check them out.


IMG_2113 IMG_2120 IMG_2123

IMG_2172 IMG_2193 IMG_2201

IMG_2209 IMG_2215 IMG_2217

IMG_2225 IMG_2235 IMG_2251

IMG_2255 IMG_2284

IMG_2303 IMG_2308 IMG_2319

IMG_2326 IMG_2329 IMG_2350

IMG_2363 IMG_2365 IMG_2398

IMG_2407 IMG_2457 IMG_2458



We would like to thank Wood Green for their warm welcome and patience with us on the day!

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