Top 5 Most Unlikely Animal Friendships

Some of you may remember the 2001 movie Cats & Dogs, a comedic take on the supposed top-secret, high-tech espionage war going on between cats and dogs. I remember thinking at the time how funny it would be if our trusted companions were indeed plotting against each-other in a James-Bond-esque display of hi-tech spy gadgets and ninja moves. Truth be told, long gone are the days where cats and dogs battled each other like Viking tribes on war ships. Not that they are always the best of friends, but there are so many instances of cats and dogs getting along in the same households that we feel any resentment left is now more to do with the divide between dog and cat lovers than between the pets themselves.

Out with the Game of Thrones cat-fights and the dog-eat-dog (or cat) metaphors, we now enter the age of cross-species animal friendships. We have been scouting the net and have come up with our personal Top 5 Most unlikely animal friendships. The original videos and articles can be found when clicking on each title. The animals are not all ‘pets’, but they will definitely make your heart melt!

Number 5: Trooper the Rottweiler and Blue the Kangaroo.
Trooper and Blue
The story: In Australia, owner Ed Trindall’s Rottweiler puppy Trooper has stricken an unlikely friendship with a baby kangaroo named Blue. Both live on a farm with lots of space for them to run and play together.
Why we like it: Because Kangaroos and Rottweilers have had their fair share of bad press for their temper and potential aggressive nature, and Blue and Trooper throw all those preconceived ideas out the window. Also, if you watch the video, you will likely be as astounded as we were at how good kangaroos can be at giving massages!
Heart-melting ratio: 3.5/5

Number 4: Mani the wild piglet and Candy the Jack Russell Terrier puppy.
Mani and Candy
The story: When the Dahlhaus family found starving piglet Mani during an outing in South Germany, they were unaware of how happy their Jack Russell Terrier puppy Candy would be as a result. The two youngsters have developed an instant liking for each other, taking long runs together and spending hours playing outside.
Why we like it: Because the picture above says it all: not only are they both the cutest possible version of their young selves, but they seem to be having the time of their life.
Heart-melting ratio: 4.2/5

Number 3: The bear, the lion and the tiger (Not an Aesop’s fable)
The story: Noah’s Ark animal Sanctuary in Georgia is home to one of the most peculiar animal friendships to date. When Baloo the brown bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger were found as cubs in a drug dealer’s apartment (the animals were used as a status symbol), they had already formed the unlikely yet strong bond. 13 years down the line and the three buddies (cleverly nicknamed BLT) are inseparable, spending their time playing and nuzzling each other.
Why we like it: Because this would have arguably never happened in the wild, mainly because they all come from different parts of the world. Also, because this friendship has a clear Disney feel to it and we can easily imagine them bursting into songs at night, in a Hakuna-matata fashion.
Heart-melting ratio: 4.6/5

Number 2: Mr. G the goat and Jellybean the donkey.
The story: Both rescued from neglect by Californian Animal Sanctuary Animal Place, Mr. G and Jellybean had spent more than a decade together, thus becoming best friends. When they got sent to separate sanctuaries, Mr. G refused to go out and showed what can only be described as post-loss depression. The stories ends on a positive note however, as Jellybean recently got relocated and reunited with Mr.G, generating what is arguably the most uplifting and tear-jerking video moment of the year.
Why we like it: Because it somehow reminds us of babe (minus the pig), because anyone separated from their loved ones will feel Mr. G’s pain and sorrow, and also because it shows how animals may develop incredibly strong bonds for each other when faced with adversity, thus making them not so different from us.
Heart-melting ratio: 4.7/5 when reading the story, 4.9/5 when seeing Mr.G’s reaction at 1.10 min

Number 1: Charcoal the Labrador and his bottomless bucket.
The story: Ok, we agree that this is not exactly a friendship between two animals, but if you are not one of the 1,035,568 million people who have already seen this video, watch it and tell us if you don’t find this an incredible example of how animals see no boundaries and can be genuinely attached to anything, bottomless buckets included. Watch adorable Charcoal the black Labrador play with his old bucket and take it everywhere he goes, including his favourite trick of sticking his head inside and turn around until he’s dizzy. We weren’t sure the background music was fitting (Toy Story’s ‘You’ve got friend in me’ would seem more appropriate), but we do love the true look of happiness on Charcoal’s face.
Why we like it: Because love goes beyond looks and logic, and because we got reminded of this by a dog and his bottomless bucket friend.
Heart-melting ratio: 5/5

Have you got any unlikely animal friendships you want to share with us?

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