How to deal with pet loss


At the beginning of July we celebrated the first ever national pet Remembrance Day, a day dedicated to those who have lost pets and an acknowledgment that losing a pet can be as heart wrenching as the loss of a human loved one. It can feel like the loss of a limb. Suddenly an extension of ourselves is irrevocably lost and the experience is extremely painful. Dealing with the aftermath is often further complicated by the uncertainty over how to best deal with the remains of your beloved pet.

Many choose to bury their pet in the backyard, meaning they have a constant memorial for their gone but never forgotten pooch. However, there are a plethora of ingenious and innovative ways meaning you can remember your canine companion even if you lack a garden, or simply crave an alternative offering to a backyard burial.

One such option is sending your pet into space – a company named Celestis spacecraft is dedicated to sending the ashes of your pet to soar into the heavens, venturing further than most men. With the tag line “the most unique pet memorial in the universe,” the company is lacking in neither ambition nor modesty. And with prices starting at £590 it is certainly for the more discerning pet owner, however they do offer an array of options. Whether you prefer for your pet ashes to return to solid ground, or would rather they remain ensconced on the moon, in the stars or stored in some other celestial being Celestis can cater to a variety of requirements. For those who would like their pets to soar, but not quite as high as the solar system, there are other companies that help turn ash into fireworks, meaning your pooch can leave with a fitting bang (just make sure that any doggy or kitty siblings are safe indoors!).

For those who would like a physical reminder of their pet you could use the ashes to create a diamond – an everlasting and eternal ode to your pet. And one which you can wear with you always. For those of us who are on a slightly smaller budget there is the option of carrying your dog’s ID as a keyring, or alternatively, following in the footsteps of Kate Benjamin and having your dog’s fur made into a necklace, another opportunity  to wear them close to your chest.

If jewellery is not for you your pets can still be the focus of some beautiful artwork – having a portrait done of your pet means he can stay with you long after he is gone. There is also a company dedicated to putting ashes into pillow cushions, perfect for those owners who miss snuggling close to their pooch when the going gets tough.



And for those who are technologically inspired you could always make a pet website – adorned with a gallery, blog and bio meaning your pet will have an everlasting electronic footprint.

What did you do with your pet remains to ensure they are gone but not forgotten? Comment below and let us know!


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