10 Feline Facts

“We did some research about our cats, and it turns out they’re even more amazing than we thought! Here are some of our favourites…

1. The average house cat can run faster than Usain Bolt.

2. When your cat rubs against your legs, she is marking her territory and claiming you as her own.

3. Cats have a pattern on their nose which is unique – just like the human fingerprint. (Maybe we could introduce nose-print identification to find out which cat knocked over the Christmas tree?).

4. While kittens meow to their mothers, adult cats only meow to human beings, and not to communicate with each other.

5. If your cat blinks at you slowly when she looks at you, this is her way of saying she loves you.

6. Legend has it that the cat flap was invented by Isaac Newton at the University of Cambridge, as his cats were disturbing his experiments by scratching at the door. We’re sure everyone who works from home with felines can relate to this one!

7. Owning a cat can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke.

8. Cats sweat through the pads of their paws (or their “cat beans” as we like to call them).

9. Cats can move their ears separately.

10. The little tufts of hair inside a cat’s ear holes are called “ear furnishings” – aww!

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  1. Very interesting I love you bits of information. Keep up the good no excellent work.
    Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. Hello Andrew,
    I have had cats round me since I was born, and other fluffy four legged beings.
    When a cat stares and slowly blinks at us is a sign of trust, and when they greet us with a curve on the end of their tail, is a sign of affection.
    What amazes me is a dog loves everyone, but a cat you have to earn their trust.

    Kind regards
    Yvette Stokes

    1. You certainly do Yvette! Cats are no fools and like to check you out properly first. Some humans are more like cats than dogs and vice versa!
      Have a wonderful Christmas, all the best, Andrew

  3. Our Cat is called Jeti Peti he is the most curious cat no matter what you are doing he has got to stick his nose in i have a small xmas tree on a high table behind my Sofa he gets my Hubby to lift him up and sits and watches the TV for hours he is a long haired black boy who is getting on in years suffers Athritis we give him Easeflex who we purchase from Medicare it appears to help him thank goodness .I would like to wish everyone who has pets a VERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HEALTHY2018 TO ALL YOUR PETS.

    1. And a very merry Christmas to you as well Mrs Blair, thank you ever so much for posting!
      All the best

  4. You do have to earn trust from a cat, but is so rewarding. We adopted a 5 month old rescue kitten last year who had been found in a shed with his mum. Cats Protection League took him but he didn’t do well at the shelter. So they put him with a foster mum to get him ready for rehoming, but he did not thrive there either. In desperation they took him along to one of their adoption fairs, where we found him terrified and hostile at the back of his cage. He didn’t want to know anyone. There were lots of other lovely cats who were clearly ready make friends – but we were afraid that if we didn’t take scaredy cat nobody would. He fought like fury going into the carrier and was in shock all the way home. We put him in a spare bedroom to settle down and he hid under under a cupboard for 4 days, accepting food and treats only if we pushed them under and then got lost. On the 5th day I pushed a treat under and managed to stroke him – he began to purr. The poor thing must have been desperate. So now contact had been made, we let one of the the other cats in to meet him. This went well, so we let the other cat in as well. In a couple of days they had encouraged him out to play. We stayed back and let them get on with it. He came downstairs and began eating with the other cats. He even began to approach us for treats and an ear scratch. He let us pick him up, but we were careful not to overdo it. I think our other 2 cats are so chilled they must have showed him there was nothing to fear. We are now a year down the line and he is the friendliest little sweetie. He is confident and sociable and adores the other cats. He finally has his own home and family and we are so glad we took a chance on him.

    1. Wow Stephanie, that is really a sweet story. Reminds me of my feral cat Samson who also took weeks to come out from behind the TV.
      Patience and much love is the key. Have a most wonderful Christmas!

  5. Every cat owner will have experienced the following: after padding or stroking the cat, with the cat purring away, obviously happy, but then when they pull away the hand they get clawed or hissed at. Took me years to figure that out, even though it is simple. Imagine you are a cat and want to retain the loving hand- with no fingers the only way to do this is to sink your claws into the hand and try to pull it back. Likewise with hissing: the cat is displeased. And the way cats express frustration is by hissing. So the behaviour is neither strange nor aggressive, but rather an indication of sympathy. Of course we humans, the self proclaimed acme of creation, have, for thousands of years, interpreted this as the inborn deviousness of cats.
    Thou shalt love thy cat
    Rudi Albrecht

    1. Hi Sheila,
      I very much wonder what they are thinking about whilst they sit there and stare at us…
      Have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

  6. My kitten, Dan Hicks, is 6 months old, but he has never miaowed. Instead, he makes lots of prolonged squeaking noises: is this very unusual? He also likes sucking my wife’s neck, like a very ticklish vampire.

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