Ticks and Lyme Disease

“But why should I be worried about ticks, they are just harmless bugs?!” I hear you ask.

The answer is: they can transmit Lyme disease, which put simply, is absolutely horrible.

Ticking Time Bomb

Lyme Disease can take years to diagnose and can be totally debilitating. Luckily however, it’s easily preventable – just follow our steps below, and give your dog or cat a monthly spot-on treatment. Not all ticks carry the disease but trust us, it’s worth being cautious.

Oh, and the timebomb – act fast, (you’re more likely to be infected if a tick’s been on you for 24 hours or longer) and look out for these distinctive early signs:
• Circular rash which looks like a bullseye
• Flu-like symptoms

Lyme Disease Circular Rash

Tick All The Boxes

After walking with your dog, check fur for ticks, particularly around the ears, face, and tummy (where the hair is thinner).
Wear appropriate clothing whilst roaming in long grass or wooded areas. There’s a reason you see hikers with their trousers tucked into their socks and no, it’s not just because they look good.
Check yourself for ticks at the end of the day (check everywhere… we mean everywhere).
Stick to foot paths and avoid long grass if you can.
Check children particularly (they’re pretty much guaranteed to go and wander into some dodgy long grass).

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  1. I used to put monthly tick prevention on my dogs but still some ticks fastened on them. Then I discovered an anti-tick and anti-flea collar (I get it from my vet) which lasts 7-8 months and actually works out cheaper than monthly treatment. My dogs have never had a tick since wearing the special collar. It can be handled by humans and it is non-irritant to dogs.

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