Top tips for keeping pets safe when away from home at Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, your home is about to become very different for a month. Lights, candles and decorations make Christmas the great fun it is, but can be a real danger to your pets. Here are some top tips to keep your pets safe at Christmas when you are out of the house.

1. Turn off the lights

If you or your kids chewed a live electrical cable it wouldn’t end well, and the same is true for your pets. Make sure you switch off all lights when you go out, not forgetting the Christmas tree in particular.

2. Keep candles up high

Animals don’t appreciate that a tea light could not only kill them but burn your house down (and end Christmas to boot). Make sure your Christmas candles are somewhere safe and can’t be knocked over by a dog or cat who accidentally brushes a piece of furniture.

3. Are your decorations safe?

If you know your dog or cat is a chewer, make sure you think about the decorations you put out and whether or not they could case your pets real harm if they ended up chewing them when you’re away from the home. What might be funny or cute when you are there could be far from funny when you aren’t there to keep an eye on what is going on. What’s more, make sure you don’t have any decorations that are made of toxic or poisonous materials for pets. What is safe for humans might not be for your pets.

4. Keep chocolate off the floor

Ok, so it’s not the normal place to put them, but around Christmas we all make an exception as the choccies are shoved under the tree. Don’t forget that many animals can smell through wrapping paper like a knife through butter, and remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs, so put it up high. 

5. Think extra hard before you head out in a rush around Christmas

It’s a busy time at Christmas and so even easier to forget the simple things when rushing out to do that last minute Christmas shopping or picking the kids up from the school play. Don’t forget that your pets don’t make the distinction and need as much care at Christmas as ever. The top tips for making sure your pets are as happy as can be when you head out for a few hours are perhaps even more important at this time of year – so don’t forget to make their bed, leave plenty water and leave the heating on where you are leaving them if it’s really cold.

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